About Elton

Elton Chung is an enthusiastic sales professional in the Information Technology sector and he is also a music composer for BGM and soundtracks.

In the technology sales aspect, Elton has over 20 years’ experience in the software and cloud services industry. His result-driven mentality with the ability to work both independently of own initiative or as part of a successful team, demonstrating the motivation and multi-tasking abilities required to meet the company and customer’s expectation. His customers and partners see him as a trusted advisor to help them achieve their goals by suggesting the right plan, choosing the right solution, identifying the service partner, and managing the life cycle of the plan execution with the best follow up.

In the music aspect, Elton sees music creation as important as his main career. He started teaching electronic keyboard in his high school period. When he was studying for Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree in UNSW in Australia, he started composing musical pieces. Thanks to the inspiring ambience of Warrane College and the beautiful countryside in Sydney, he composed over 300 pieces of soundtracks.

In recent years, Elton composed many soothing soundtracks for commercials as well as sound clips for baby toys.  His albums and singles are published on all the popular music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Music, SoundCloud, etc.