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BGM for Museum / Exhibition

Background music for Hong Kong Designers Association’s showcase in Hong Kong Week 2013 in Taipei.

[Chinese] 由港台文化合作委員會主辦、香港經濟貿易文化辦事處(台灣)協辦的文化交流盛事「香港週2013@台北」,11月29日在台北正式起動,藉着一系列的展覽及藝術表演節目,向台灣居民呈現一個人文薈萃、創意無限的香港。以下是為「香港設計風.流」場館創作的展館音樂。

Baby & Child Product Soundtracks

Baby Product Musical Soundtrack
Baby Music Cradle

Produced soundtracks for Baby Music Cradle by Babies R Us , including original composition by Elton Chung and newly re-arranged classical kid songs, released in September in 2016.

Baby Mirror for Car

Produced soundtracks for Zobo Ocean Fun Baby Mirror by Babies R Us, included original composition by Elton Chung and newly re-arranged classical kid songs, released in Toys’R’Us chain in the North Amercia in the 3rd quarter in 2016.

Commercial Soundtracks

Promotional soundtrack for Integral Spiritual Psychology Training Institute
Commercial soundtrack for Fanitsu shampoo
Soundtrack for KATYA website

Musical Arrangement, Recording and Production

Music Arrangement for the album “Little Sheep” by Kowloon Tong Church of The C.C. & M.A Tai Wai Church. This project included multiple sessions of recording, composing interludes and post-production works.







Elton Chung Music branded products

Elton Chung Music Coffee Maker Gift Box Set

Elton Chung Music’s limited edition coffee making box set.

Elton Chung Music Coffee Maker Box Set

Elton Chung Music Aroma Diffuser


Elton Chung Music Postcards

Elton Chung Music Album gift cards

Elton Chung Music Bouquet

Elton Chung Music collaborates with the famous florist Ellie Kam – The musical bouquet. It is a music speaker built-in bouquet playing the custom-composed music for order only.

相片-28-8-13下午05-42-04Elton Chung Music Bouquet