Tech Projects

Setting up a new & powerful D11-proven MFT Gateway to onboard clients in China.

API Management Platform

Oct 2018 – Present

Providing API Management Cloud service for North-bound and South-Bound services. Enablement, training and project implementation. Joint-business development in APAC region.

To replace the existing Secure File Transfer platform by a new generation Managed File Transfer platform to facilitate host-to-host and endpoints based file exchanges with banks and merchants.

FEG also provides the channel for JETCO member banks to upload openAPI phase 1 content to JETCO in a highly managed and secure way.

Since 2018, I have been managing partner business in Taiwan with successful in selling and deployment of new projects:
Financial Information Services Company (FISC)
Bank of Taiwan
Mega Commercial Bank
Land Bank of Taiwan
KGI Bank
Next Bank
First Commercial Bank
Bank SinoPac
Shin Kong Bank
Taipei Star bank
Taiwan Life
First Life Insurance (AVIVA Taiwan)
Taiwan CDC
New Taipei Government
and more

Provide the PKI platform solution for payments encryption and key management after the spin-off from BOCHK.

Provide the Managed File Transfer solution for HKEX to distribute reports to External Participants in a secure and reliable architecture.

Building the MFT infrastructure for the customer to automate and secure all the batch processes and file exchanges with partners, IFAs and agents. Enabled the visibility and alerts in file transfer processes.

Implementing the API Management solution to the core network system to facilitate with open communications with 3rd party systems and clouds.

Provide the MFT solution for the automobile manufacturing system that exchanges business data files within the clusters of systems in the SZ production base.

Single-window B2B Gateway (GLSHK)

Sep 2012 – Present

Providing the single-window B2B Gateway solution that consolidates all the EDI exchange channels and centralized all monitoring, transformation, validation and alerting. Improved partner onboarding time and reduced barriers of onboarding.

Implemented a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution to replace unsecured file transfer (e.g. FTP) between z/OS mainframe, open systems, external partners and desktop clients.

Implementing the STP solution for SWIFTNet integration with the bank’s remittance system to streamline and automate the inbound and outbound fund transfer. Replaced the human-driven process in remittance.

Provide the PKI platform solution for payments encryptions and key management. Endpoint solution to corporate client to secure payment files.

HKMA Returns Solution (Bank Negara Indonesia – HK Branch)

Jul 2010 – Present

Provide the reporting solution to automate the data interfacing, generation and submission of HKMA returns.

Implement the in-memory encryption solution for the HSBC C2SAP module (now ERPLink) to eliminate the security issue of plaint text in folder.

Working closely with the HSBC APAC Team to provide the payments encryption and file transfer solution to over 50 APAC regional large corporate/enterprise that on-board to HSBCNet and HSBC Connect.

Provided the Anti-Money Laundering solution to monitor and filter suspicious transactions in SWIFT messages.

Designed (R&D) and developed the turn-key web-based monitoring solution for CLP to monitor the GE Hydran sensors in all the power substations in Hong Kong. The solution can provide alerts before the power disruption happens.